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  • Brand Integrity International’s core technology is a patented DNA Matrix mixed into printing inks or other media and inexpensively applied in conventional manufacturing. The DNA Matrix is a synergistic combination of two key security components with numerous advantages
  • The optical component, which alone can be a sophisticated security measure, incorporates special optical indicators, used in some currencies; this allows instant visual or electronic verification of the security mark using a special laser light.
  • The DNA component is a secret choice from trillions of available DNA oligomers; presence of this code can only be determined by knowing the answer, unlike conventional anti-counterfeiting measures such as holograms that are easily copied.
  • The DNA Matrix combination provides everyday instant verification along with the ultimate security of a DNA genetic code if required for court conviction. Both components can provide encoded information which can be used for identification and tracking for anti-diversion purposes.


  • Australian Packaging Awards 2001 – Eileen Hardy Shiraz Security Seal labeling
  • Winner of the Gold Coast Business Excellence award 2008


  • Sydney Olympics – IOC – Best Ever Brand Protection Program
  • Australian Govt. – Centenary of Federation