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It has never been more important for the brand owner to know how to protect their brand. With a global rise of counterfeiting… it is critical to have access to the best anti-theft and fraud technologies.

BII is keen to share what we know about protection your brand and merchandise.

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Be Careful With Forgeries When On Holiday

As individuals, we are all vulnerable to being conned through the purchase of forged goods. This can be a particular issue when we are away on holiday and here’s why : When you are relaxed and intent on having a good time, your guard can drop. Some overseas countries have little or no effective consumer protection operation. This means that the retailers of counterfeit goods can operate with impunity. Many of us like to believe when we are on holiday that we will be able to find a real ‘local’ bargain – once again, that is particularly the case when ..Read More

Could you Spot a Fake Work of Art?

"An interesting public experiment is being conducted to test how easy it is for people to spot a relatively cheaply produced fake painting. It seems likely that the results will not yield any great surprises and that the importance of ongoing art protection technology cannot be overestimated." A major British art gallery has launched an interesting challenge by deliberately hanging a forged work of art and challenging members of the public to try and spot which one it is. ( At the time of writing, the results of this experiment  ..Read More

Numbers of Australians Stung in Fake Event Tickets Scam

If you think that fakes and counterfeiting are restricted to manufactured goods, you’d be sadly mistaken. One of the most lucrative domains for the fakers to attack is that of tickets for notable events. Now this isn’t a new subject and you might think that by now things would be under control but regrettably in late 2014 there was yet another example of significant numbers of Australians being defrauded with fake tickets when they purchased counterfeits for a Justin Timberlake concert ( ..Read More

Counterfeiting – Not Just a Western World Problem

If you think that counterfeiting is a problem that only affects only Geo-political regions such as North America, Europe and Australia, you would be mistaken. An interesting article has just been published showing how counterfeit car parts are proving to be a major problem in Ghana ( Apparently, consumers are being persuaded to buy apparently cut-price spare parts for their cars. This looks a really good deal until the parts rapidly fail, meaning they need to be replaced with this time bona fide spare ..Read More

Do you Feel Confident when Buying Antiques and Works of Art?

Let’s be clear, since the beginning of time there have been fakes and counterfeits passed around in the world of antiques and art. In the past, including perhaps well into the latter 20th century, the consumers’ interests in these areas when purchasing were protected by people such as established and expert antique dealers or qualified public auctioneers. However, over recent decades the picture has become increasingly grim – and no pun is intended there! Some highly experienced auctioneers will now admit both publicly and privately that the quality  ..Read More

Counterfeit Tickets – It Couldn't Ever Happen to You?

Some event or venue bosses seem to be blissfully unaware of how vulnerable they really are to counterfeit tickets. It’s not entirely unusual to encounter the viewpoint that the fakers and counterfeiters will only attack the most prestigious and high ticket value events. You might think so but if you do, you may need to think again. Although it is a slightly old story, you can see from the attached article how even the Louvre in Paris has been on the receiving end of fake ticket production ( aimed primarily at Ch ..Read More

Stakeholder Attitudes to Corporate Governance and Brand Protection

Unless you are the sole owner of a business, you will have other stakeholders of some form or another who have a financial interest in your organisation. If their ongoing investment is not to be put at risk, you will need to keep their confidence as stakeholder support is something that can be easily lost in situations where they feel that the leadership of an organisation is not doing what it should. ( One of the areas that is very vulnerable to stakeholder concern is that of corporate governance. In other words, people wh ..Read More

Can DNA Brand Protection itself be faked?

It’s always a mistake to underestimate the ingenuity and deviousness of the counterfeiting and faking industry. For example, at one time a three dimensional security hologram ( was considered to be the ultimate deterrent to the fakers. While today it continues to play a major role in such deterrence, copies of it can now be produced with surprising effectiveness by the crooks of the world. So, it’s perhaps understandable that here at Brand Integrity we are occasionally asked if our DNA encoded solutions can be similarly  ..Read More

The most Commonly Faked Goods in the Australia 2014

We occasionally encounter the viewpoint that a given product or series of products would be unlikely to catch the attention of counterfeiters. Yet in fact, providing there is potential profit involved, virtually nothing is immune from their ‘efforts’. To give some indication of this, here are the official statistics for the nine most commonly faked goods categories in the Australia during 2014 (in increasing order of value). Optical and related media Labels, logos and tags IT Equipment and technology gadgets Footwear Pharmaceuticals and well-being items Cl ..Read More

5 Things You Never Knew About Fake Goods

Here is a quick and slightly tongue-in-cheek list of five subtleties you may not have appreciated relating to fake goods. 1. In certain circumstances, it is perfectly legal to make replicas. That might be in situations where there is no original copyright/patent (e.g. antiques) or where you have the brand owner’s permission. It only becomes an offence if you deliberately misrepresent the replica during a sale as being original. 2. Huge volumes of counterfeit goods are traded honestly. The ‘honestly’ referred to here relates to the fact that the ven ..Read More
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