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International Problems Require Global solutions

Brand Integrity International Pty Ltd (BII) provides a Global Brand Protection Service to industry by integrating leading Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting and Diversion Technologies with dedicated Investigative Field Personnel trained and supported to ensure the instant verification of products worldwide.

This new style of Global Brand Protection ensures the INTEGRITY of INTERNATIONAL BRANDS can be secured from the production line to the point of retail sales.

  • Reduce Counterfeiting
  • Verify Authenticity of Goods
  • Track Parallel and Grey Goods
  • Provide Immediate Royalty Audits
  • Prevent Diversion
  • Identify Product Liability Issues
  • Stop Unauthorised Factory Overruns


Complete Turn Key Systems can be established for
Event or Brand Protection Programs in association with our strategic
Partners supplying full field and Market Watchmonitoring.

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DNA Matrix

Unique DNA segments combined with special optical indicators form a patented DNA MATRIX that has numerous advantages over other security devices:

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